Enterprise Platform Development and Maintenance
Mobile Application Development and Integration
Business Process Automation

Ways to Leverage Paktolus:

New Product / Application Development

API Integration / Platform Interoperability

New Product Release Handoff and Maintenance

Complement in-house Team to Increase Speed and Reduce Cost

Paktolus IT Services Price Calculator

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Whether you’re a company using IT services or an IT services provider, it might be time for you to rethink what you’re currently paying.

Paktolus International provides a broad spectrum of back office services aimed at meeting the infrastructure needs of our clients through commitment to superior service, innovative products, and by leveraging our dedicated team of IT professionals.

We deliver complete development and maintenance programs, as well as full or part time outsourcing flexibility for companies in the US and Europe.

Per your input into our pricing tool above, total cost* represents an accurate value of what a client will pay for our highly competitive services. For long term commitments, Paktolus may negotiate even more favorable rates.

For more information, contact Bill@Paktolus.com or call +1-305-588-1636.