Advanced Analytics

DevOps Application Engineer

  • Bengaluru, Karnataka
  • Full Time


  • Should have a bachelor’s degree in field of Statistics, Business Intelligence or an equivalent
  • Should have got relevant experience in working with Hadoop, Spark environment and other related tools such as Hive, Presto, Ranger etc.
  • Should have got relevant experience deploying Hadoop/Spark with cluster manager YARN, Kubernetes, standalone.
  • Should have relevant experience in setting up Hadoop/Spark/Kafka cluster and configuring the environment to work with other ETL & reporting tools.
  • Should have got administration experience on Linux systems and have proficiency in Shell scripting
  • Should have got experience in working on node administration – such as cluster management, job management, resource management, installation, configuration , security.
  • Should be capable of handling user security and integration among tools within the environment.
  • Should have got experience implementing Single Sign On capability with SAML or equivalent.
  • Should be capable of working towards performance optimization of the platform
  • Should be capable of managing backup & recovery tasks, high availability, monitoring of cluster
  • Should have experience working with capacity planning, scaling up/down of nodes
  • Should have experience troubleshooting application errors, build custom schedules for start-up services and apply best practices for cluster configuration
  • Should have experience working with Apache Hadoop Distribution, experience with Cloudera/Hortonworks Distribution is an addition.
  • Should have got experience managing distributed systems on cloud – EMR, HDInsight, Databricks , etc.
  • Should have experience administering databases ( SQLServer, PostgreSQL Redshift, Snowflake, etc.)
  • Should have administration experience with noSQL databases (Hbase, mongoDB, Redis, etc.)
  • Should have experience working in a Datawarehouse development environment
  • Should have experience building data pipelines with Apache Airflow.
  • Should have expertise in coding with either of the languages - Java, python, Scala
  • SQL expertise is a must
  • Should have good communication skills to be able to interact with multiple teams

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