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Production Manager

  • Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • Full Time


  • To monitor production cost and take constant efforts to keep it down
  • To ensure best finish in the products as per design
  • Ensure timely deliveries of orders

Steps for QC

  • Check CAD / CAM or Mount to ensure design flow
  • Check sizing for ring, bangle & bracelet as per order
  • Check stone size as per order
  • Check for broken or damaged stones if any
  • Check polishing
  • Check Hallmarking
  • Check diamond weight in studded jewellery as per the returned goods
  • Check if any studded stone is loose

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Coordinate timely CAD Deliveries
  • QC and timely delivery of CAM & mould to Casting
  • Manage timely Issue of stones and gold to the worker as per order
  • Follow up with orders as per delivery dates and allocated production time line
  • QC the mounts and issue the required diamonds
  • Receive finished jewellery and go thorough QC
  • Monitor repair works with babu

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