ETL Team

Quality Analyst (BI)

  • Bengaluru, Karnataka
  • Full Time


  • Bachelor’s degree in fields of Computer Science, Statistics or an equivalent
  • Should have minimum of 3 years of experience with software and data quality assurance
  • Should have expertise in end to end data testing, deploying best practices & methodologies
  • Should have proficiency in writing SQL queries, Stored procedures, functions, triggers
  • Should have experience running data tests on high volume data sets using Hadoop
  • Should have experience with scripting
  • Knowledge of programming languages such as Java, Python is a plus
  • Knowledge of Big Data tools likes Hadoop, Hive, Spark, MongoDB is a plus
  • Should have experience in working with Hadoop file formats – ORC, Parquet, Avro
  • Should have experience in testing REST/SOAP-based API’s.
  • Should have experience in deploying workloads in a production environment, troubleshooting defects, improving performance
  • Should possess good communication skills and ability to interact with Customers

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