Technology-Enabled Learning and Training Solutions

Paktolus leading-edge technology-enabled custom learning solutions accommodate virtually any educational and training requirement.

Developed with today’s educators, entrepreneurs and corporate trainers in mind, Paktolus offers you a powerful learning methodology coupled with advanced modular course management tools including virtual and augmented reality, authoring, and custom content management delivered in a highly versatile, easy-to-use enterprise-grade package.

Sectors We Serve

Schools (K-12)

From large public school districts to independent institutions and private academies, our robust, easy-to-use learning solutions can improve the delivery of educational content to your students.

Colleges and Universities

We offer powerful, cost-effective learning solutions for both private and public institutions, including large and well-known colleges and universities.

Technical/ Vocational Schools

Our rich content development solutions, and extended reality (XR) applications create engaging learning opportunities for technical and vocational students of all levels.

Continuing Education and Certification

Our easy-to-use learning solution helps continuing education providers serve learners of all ages and levels.

Corporate Training

Whether you want to strengthen your current training program or launch a new initiative on the fly, our team will help you move quickly and easily to achieve your goal.

Publishers and Content Authors

Our Paktolus Textbook Extension Service provides new opportunities for publishers to serve their customers, capture more revenue and achieve higher margins.

Workforce Readiness Training

4.0 manufacturing, logistics and supply chain environments are advancing too quickly for most training systems today. With our Paktolus Training Formula, we'll accelerate your training cycles.

Redefining e-learning and Training

Our comprehensive technology-enabled solutions take e-learning and training to a higher level with the scale and flexibility to accommodate your requirements.


Solutions for Every Need of Your Business

Learning Consulting

Our experienced consultants can assist you at any stage of your e-learning journey. For instance, we can assess your organization’s readiness to deploy a learning management system and more.

XR Development Platforms and
Authoring Tools

For hands on practical training, there’s no better solution than virtual or augmented reality training.

Instructional Design

Paktolus has acquired significant experience in creating customized software solutions in various areas of e-learning and knowledge management.

Content Development

We specialize in developing cost-effective, yet highly engaging and effective, custom content and online courseware.

Creating Immersive Learning Experiences

Your e-learning Partner!
Paktolus is led by a visionary team with more than two decades of deep-rooted experience in all aspects of e-learning and advanced digital tools.

A Complete Solution, Engineered for Growth

Paktolus provides a comprehensive technology-enabled learning solution, that truly integrates content with a unique learning methodology, modular course management tools and XR technology.

Our Process

Our proven end-to-end process is designed to address customer needs in a timely and organized manner. Our team is standing by to help you define and plan your project from concept through development, including project support.


We Elevate the Learning Experience in Education and Business Training

As your e-learning partner, we can customize our services and solutions to meet your specific needs. Take full advantage of our broad-based experience in education and business, coupled with the latest in e-learning and immersive technology.


Our expert strategists, curriculum developers, instructional designers, copywriters, visual studio designers and tech developers are proud to be serving today’s educational institutions, training organizations and content publishers. At Paktolus, we remain thoroughly committed to helping you deliver the most exceptional technology-driven educational and training programs – on time and within budget.

  • 20+ years of learning methodology and content development
  • Visionary leadership
  • Early adopter of XR technology
  • Truly cross-platform: mobile first and VR ready
  • Deployed in 15+ countries
  • 250,000+ learners
  • 24/7 support / help desk

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