According to Darwin’s theory of evolution, survival goes not to the biggest or strongest, but to the most adaptable to environmental change.

Such is the case for businesses navigating today’s rapidly evolving digital space, where even the most venerable global brands lose position to more nimble startups due to their inability to adapt.

From the development and release of new products and applications, to API integrations and handoffs, or complementing your in-house teams to increase your speed and lower your costs, Paktolus adapts and delivers – each and every time.

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We offer a full array of scalable IT services to local, national and global organizations

New Product / Application Development

New Product / Application Development

Today’s digital evolution is driven by relentless innovation.

API Integration / Platform Interoperability

API Integration / Platform Interoperability

There’s only one place for us to be in our quest to ensure your company is future-ready… and that’s on the leading edge.

Product Release Handoff and Maintenance

Product Release Handoff and Maintenance

Releasing your next hot product also means releasing your innovation team to focus on future products.

Complement in-house Team to increase Speed and/or Reduce Cost

Complement in-house Team to increase Speed and/or Reduce Cost

Access to a team of all-rounders to specialists in niche tech areas


Connecting people and business through technology


Our experienced IT professionals deliver cost-efficient solutions to accelerate business performance and provide a competitive market advantage.

  • DevOps and Infrastructure
  • Data Analytics Data Science
  • Mobile and Wearables
  • e-Learning Solutions & Training
  • UX/UI Development
  • Business Analysis
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Experts in top tech tools:

React Native
Amazon Web Services
Google Cloud Platform

At Paktolus, we’re always on the look out for outstanding talent to join our global team

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Kehlani O. USA
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Priyanka S. India
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Facundo A. Argentina
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