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Delivering compelling brand experiences that engage and delight.

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UX/UI Design

Each audience touchpoint is an opportunity to communicate something special about your brand.

UX/UI uses engaging visual and motion design to transform these opportunities into unique sensorial brand experiences.

Make them count. Inspire your audiences.

Designing delightful experiences.

  • Design audits Wireframes
  • Wireframes
  • Mockups
  • Prototypes
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Digital Advertising

Today’s audiences are on the move.

Connecting brands with audiences requires creativity and data analytics.

Our ad campaigns ensure cross-platform audience engagement, augmented brand presence, lead generation, and eCommerce sales whether your audience is at home, at the office or on a mobile device.

Audiences. They’re a tough act to follow. And so are we.

Build Digital Identity

  • Display and HTML 5 Ads
  • Email Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Advertising & Management

Motion Graphics

Sometimes there’s nothing quite like a good digital animation to bring a product or campaign to life. Motion graphics are those pieces of animation or digital footage that enable you to showcase experiences and assets in ways that are simple, approachable and engaging.

Designing delightful experiences.

  • Promo Videos
  • Interaction Design
  • Motion Graphics

Virtual Reality

Want to see yourself in the middle of an exciting travel experience, perhaps on a cruise ship or exploring a new hotel lobby? How about visiting an auto dealership, touring its showroom, interacting with its latest model vehicles.

Paktolus welcomes you to the Web 3.0 Virtual Revolution where Extended Reality (XR), which includes virtual, mixed and augmented reality meets the Internet to deliver the world in immersive full motion 3D.

Paktolus. Unleash your imagination.

The next best thing to being there

  • Educational Experiences
  • Ecommerce/Retail Experiences
  • Training Experiences
  • Exhibition and Conference Experiences
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3D Modeling

3D design technology is a perfect tool for cost effectively enhancing viewer recall while showcasing a product, an environment, creating characters, or for marketing a brand. See our examples at right.

Visualize your ideas

  • 3D Characters
  • 3D Environments
  • Product Renderings

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