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Product Release Handoff and Maintenance

Product Release Handoff and Maintenance
That’s why releasing your next hot product also means releasing your innovation team to focus on future products. While a common occurrence, it is not without its challenges, and it is imperative that the “handoff” to the next team be flawless.

Is your product manual sufficiently detailed and comprehensive for the handoff? Will the new team understand the product’s nuances?

As experts in innovative product development, maintenance and support, Paktolus is more than familiar with product handoffs, and knows precisely what to look for in the process.

Our objective is to collaborate with your innovation team to ensure the knowledge transfer is thorough and complete, freeing your team from the product, as well as from worry and concern.

Once in our charge, our highly dependable product maintenance and support team will provide the continuity, feature enhancements, iterative improvements, debugging, troubleshooting, and overall acumen required to ensure your product’s future growth.

Be Future-Ready.

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