The Ultimate Virtual Dealership Engagement Solution

As demand for relevant, easy-to-consume information about cars continues to soar among today’s increasingly internet-savvy car shoppers, auto dealers are aggressively searching for the most impactful online solutions to add to their marketing arsenals.

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Dealer XR Features

Virtual Walk-Arounds

Dealer XR’s powerful virtual technology enables car shoppers to experience exciting, self-guided v..

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Virtual Dealership Visits

Once the shopper makes a buy selection, Dealer XR invites the shopper on an exciting dynamic virtual..

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Dealer XR 24/7 Connectivity

While Dealer XR is integrated into a dealership website, its highly appealing content can be activel..

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Dealer XR Advanced Analytics

All Dealer XR shopper interactions, from its virtual walk-arounds, virtual dealer visits, virtually ..

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Why Dealer XR

With the average number of dealerships visited by car buyers in decline, dealerships look to further drive website visits and lead generation; and ultimately establish, secure and reinforce brand relationships with their customers and prospects.

In short, with fewer actual dealership visits, today’s dealership must be able to deliver the “next best thing to being there.”

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Dealer XR – Bringing Inventory to Shoppers – Virtually.

While there is certainly no shortage of car photography or videos featuring inventory across the worldwide web; the ability to provide car shoppers with an opportunity to virtually “walk around,” “open the hood”, or “sit inside” a vehicle from his or her living room by way of a “virtually immersive experience” is both new and exciting.

The Enhanced Virtual Experience

The sharp contrast between experiencing inventory featured in website photos or videos versus the excitement of Dealer XR’s state-of-the-art virtual reality experience is what unmistakably retains shopper attention.

Whether experienced on a mobile phone, PC, a tablet or pair of virtual goggles, the Dealer XR experience is enhanced by its substantially richer visual experience, interactivity, and its unique self-navigational nature. With Dealer XR, the user is in control, easily toggling in any direction, actively exploring different views, details and features of a particular vehicle of interest — while calling up additional information on demand throughout the journey.

The kinesthetically-driven nature of the virtual experience, coupled with the advantage of self-navigation renders the visit so engaging that the user invariably remains online longer, revealing deeper insights about his or her particular interests.

The most engaging tool we have ever seen, as a result our leads have increased significantly the first month we signed up! This is well worth the investment. I would’ve paid double!

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