Would You Have Wanted More Opportunities At Your Dealership Last Month?

Our newest release called Platform Precision is a simple, high impact – low cost “qualified user delivery platform” that does the work for you.

What Makes Platform Precision™ Different

For starters, we send traffic from your own custom Market Area, measuring only “qualified” interactions and measurable “value.” Our machine learning analyzes peak interaction schedules, using real hands-on management and optimization.

Our reporting is directly from YOUR website. We do not filter or exclude ANY data, and our customizable reports, which can be altered to fit your goals and needs, are LIVE, with up–to-date tracking available. Best of all, the analytics platform is so simple to read that you can measure the quality of the traffic yourself.

packages starting as low as

$999 / per month

From your digital showroom

To your Physical showroom

The Solution

Introducing Platform PrecisionTM
Our Simple, high impact – low cost qualified users delivery platform that does the work for you!

Driving Traffic

If you aren’t attracting visitors, your website is bound to get lost in the vastness of the Internet and perhaps, never found. No matter how well your site has been built, if it’s not attracting visitors, it won’t be generating opportunities.

What do you Get?

  • Quality Traffic Each Month
  • In and Around Your PMA
  • Through Targeted Display
What do you Get?
Unique Advantages Unique Advantages

Unique Advantages

  • We count impressions, visitors, clicks, interactions, website visits
  • We send traffic from your own custom market area
  • We only measure qualified interactions
  • We create dynamic display ads based on your inventory
  • Our machine learning analyses peak interactions schedules
  • Real hands on management & optimization
  • We send In-Market shoppers
  • We provide a completely unbiased & agnostic analytics platform


Cost Per
New User
Per User
New User
InteractionsCost Per
Platform Precision$1,000.001345976$0.74225210.1772.57%789$1.27
cars.com / referral$2,000.00715551$2.8010553.9977.06%408$2.45
Auto Trader$4,000.00118107$33.901951.6590.68%89$44.94
Car Gurus$2,000.006658$30.30972.6687.88%5$400.00




Minimum qualified interactions from your primary market area to your digital showroom each month based on your package



A minimum number of guaranteed impressions for your budget



Unbiased, completely agnostic analytics platform that’s so simple to read that you can measure the quality of the traffic yourself



Our reporting is directly from your Custom Market Area. We provide all your data unfiltered and with complete transparency

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