Customer Experience:
Reshaping Digital Interaction

In today’s era of digital-first customer-facing engagement, prioritizing Customer Experience (CX) at the touchpoint between users and digital devices is a perfect example of digital evolution.
By William Berenson Jan 25, 2024

In a relatively short period, with the current substantially higher data transfer rates and a more efficient flow of information across the internet, we’ve gone from fairly mundane digital brand connections to seamless, personalized online interactions that extend brand relationships far beyond transactional moments.

As its name indicates, CX is all about the experience. As a point of comparison, imagine passively watching an advertisement over traditional TV. For starters, its likely to be invasive, and thrusted upon you a number of times, which typically leads to negative sentiments toward a brand. In contrast, a good online CX experience is designed to welcome you, and help you to navigate along a product or service journey over which you have control. It is often interactive and designed to deliver additional information on demand.

CX encompasses a range of practices, strategies, and skills aimed to enhance the overall online experience customers have with a brand. Its aim is to consistently delight, inspire, entertain and/or inform online customers on a cognitive and emotional level. The more consistent the experience, the deeper the engagement, the greater the brand loyalty.

There is plenty of research that supports good CX, especially when it’s omnichannel (i.e., consistently applied across multiple channels).

A study by Aberdeen states that brands with the strongest omnichannel customer engagement strategies retain an average of 89% of their customers. Another states that omnichannel customers spend 4% more in-store and 10% more online than single-channel customers.

The outcomes are so important that the modern CX interface cannot be overstated. As those first few seconds of the experience can either make or break a brand, it is an absolute necessity to design and develop CX strategies properly.

As a digital transformation company that connects people and enterprises using end-to-end technology solutions, CX is among our core offerings. The Paktolus CX team embodies a digital-first mindset that is fully aligned with the ever-evolving expectations of today’s online customers.